[synonyms] Synonyms part 3

SYNONYMS PART 3 This is another round having you ladies and gentlemen in this educative lesson of synonyms. Remember this is an educational journey of learning different ways of expressing your feeling through synonyms ably. We had lesson part one, part two, as usual today, this is part three with different thrilling words in company with their gripping synonyms which are totally of great importance to be learned by all and sundry. Let’s now build up. These are today’s words to be discussed thoroughly: 1) COMPLETELY 3) INTERESTING Example: “You’ve COMPLETELY got the right answer” In exchange with the word “COMPLETELY”, you can use: Utterly Totally Entirely Wholly Absolutely Abdool lends Abubakar Rimi a very INTERESTING book. In place of the word “Interesting” you can use words such as: Enticing Exciting Gripping Engaging Absorbing Compelling Fascinating It will pay off so long as you (the learners/ the followers of the lessons) always put into practice what you learn wisely. Thank you so very much friends for been with this fascinating teaching of synonyms with me Sani Musa Cheer!!! Looking forward to seeing you in the next lesson. Happy Reading.


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