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SYNONYMS Learning synonyms is one of the easiest ways to enhance your vocabulary repertoire. A good knowledge of synonyms expands and widens your brain and understanding very quickly. A good knowledge of synonyms makes your English interesting, captivating, mesmerizing, attractive, impressive,arresting and fast. The hidden secret behind having the ability to speak the language in a jiffy is through learning words with their synonyms. DEFINITION As puts by: (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English five edition) Synonym is a word that is similar or the same in meaning as another word in the same language. In this lesson God willing, I’ll give you a word in company with its synonym in the same sense. Sometimes, a word can be synonymous to another word in one sense but in another sense the reverse is true (the opposite). Our discussion for today will specifically be on two words with their synonyms. The targeted word is written in bold in a given sentence. 1) Abide 2) Abnormal “ABIDE BY” Example: Everyone has to ABIDE BY the school rules and regulations. In place of ABIDE BY, you can say: Obey Follow Observe Comply with “ABNORMAL” Example: The boy shows me his ABNORMAL behavior as I approach him. Instead of ABNORMAL, you can say: Unusual Strange Weird Unconventional Odd Deviant Many thanks everyone✋✋ Sani Musa Cheer!!!


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