[Sentence] Sentence and it’s types

You are highly welcomed to this website! Sentences A sentence is a group of words that makes complete sense. Types of sentences 1. Statement :(Assertive or Declarative sentence) This can either be in the positive(affirmative) or negative e.g . a. The boy come here b. I didn’t see the man 2. Question :(Interrogative sentence) e.g a. Is he eating rice? b. Did the boy come here? 3. Command :(Imperative sentence)e.g a. Eat the rice now! b. Don’t come here! 4.Request:e.g a. Could you please help me to carry this bag? b.come here, please. 5. exclamatory sentence: This shows emotions or feelings like sadness, joy or surprise, e.g a. What a car! b. How nice the coat is! 6.Optative sentence: This expresses greetings,wishes,prayers,or even curses. E.g a. Good morning b. Many happy returns. Please share this post to your loved ones so that they will also benefit from it!


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