Only gurus understands Kwankwaso’s political calculation, this time around. ~By Ya’u Sule Tariwa

I don’t want much exaggerate Senator Kwankwaso, but his political calculation this time around is the most scintillating and smartest calculation I have ever come across since the commencement of politics in the fourth republic. Of course!

I have hilariously seeing how some people were saying otherwise about Madugu’s recent action. But honestly that’s not ‘to me’ a conceivable thinking. Although, there is no need at this point to resuscitate, illustrate or make further explanation about Senator Kwankwaso’s idea of leaving People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the underrated and not well-known party, NNPP.

Moreover. I am very sure that most of those who negatively think otherwise about Kwankwso’s decision will soon get the logic behind his action as well as fully understand the cognoscente, smartness, long-sightedness of Kwankwaso in a political arena. Just keep reading kawai.

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