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JAMB: Sweet Sixteen Summary

“Sweet sixteen” The best work of the year. Said by:Auwal Ghali Auwal. The work “sweet sixteen” is the best Novel of the year because, Bolaji Abdullahi (The Author) used a very easy and straight forward dictions and multitude stuff that are required in a writing. And he also calls a spade a spade, I said that due to he hits the nail on the head. Secondly, The characters or the protagonist of the literature played a vital role. Most especially, the criteria that Mr Bello verbalise with Aliya (The protagonist) He told her the truth about life and how to live the life and he was shyless of telling her the naked and bitter truth. Moreover, some people are saying that the text is 18+ but the truth here is, he was not, because, Parents are the mentors, tutors, role models to their wards and he told her truth shylessly but knowledgeably . Besides, The author of the literature shared more light or illumined about “Stereotype” (Generalising or misconceiving the fact about something.) and he told us what some people from different race,ethnic,regions are thinking about “Islam” or what they upon call as “Islamophobia.” He highlighted that Islam and Muslims are different because, some plenty people from different part of the world are thinking that muslims are terrorists or insurgents but the truth here is, some people are utilising the name or medium to do evil which is not right comparatively speaking. Broadly speaking, Bolaji Abdullahi deserves an Award of the best novelist .

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