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Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences (3) AVG SCORE 165 BSc. Anatomy BSc. Biochemistry BSc. Physiology Faculty of Education (11) AVG SCORE 145 BA. Ed. Arabic BA. Ed. English BA. Ed. History BA. Ed. Islamic Studies BSc. Ed. Biology BSc. Ed. Chemistry BSc. Ed. Economics BSc. Ed. Geography BSc. Ed. Mathematics BSc. Ed. Physics BLS. Library and Information Science Faculty of Humanities (5) AVG SCORE 135 BA. Arabic BA. English BA. History BA. International Studies BA. Islamic Studeis Faculty of Sciences (6)AVG SCORE 165 BSc. Applied Biology BSc. Chemistry BSc. Computer Science BSc. Information and Communications Technology BSc. Mathematics BSc. Physics Faculty of Social and Management Sciences (5) AVG SCORE 140 BSc. Accounting BSc. Business Administration BSc. Economics BSc. Entrepreneurship Studies BSc. Geography

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