30 Synonymous words that you must know

You are highly welcomed to this website! The words are as follows: 1-Answer – reply 2-Abundant -plentiful 3-Annual -yearly 4-Abandon-leave 5-Assemble -gather 6-Accuse-blame 7-Assist-help 8-Ancient-old 9-Acute-sharp 10-Astonish-Surprise 11-Attempt-try 12-Altitude-height 13-Anger-wrath 14-Affectionate-love 15-Aged-old 16-Aim-purpose 17-Alien-foreigner 18-Afraid-frightened 19-Abrupt-sudden 20-Behaviour-conduct 21-Constable-policeman 22-Brief-short 23-Bright-clever 24-Commence-begin 25-Forbid-prohibit 26-Feeble-weak 27-False-untrue 28-Final-last 29-calamity-disaster 30-Curious-eager 31-Damp-wet 32-Daceive-cheat 33-Dexterity-skill 34-Descend-fall 35-Detest-hate 36-Delighted-pleased 37-Exterior-outside 38-Enemy-foe 39-Enough-sufficient 40-Endeavour-try 41-Keen-eager 42-Loyal-faithful 43-Lament-grieve 44-Lean-thin 45-Fertile-fruitful 46-Fall-drop 47-Faith-belief 48-Fatigue-tirefness 49-Generous-kind 50-Rest-remaining. Please share this post to your loved ones so that they will benefit from it too. Thanks immeasurably for being here!


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